Pumpkin – health effects

treatment, use, application, use, cultivation, pests and diseases pumpkin. Dean on what flies directory and disease – before, on the terraces grew only “Goliath”, the giant pumpkins that were weighing about 60 kg or more. I’m still in the living memory of this autumn madness, when needed a large round fruit (or even more) to process one time and helped everyone who had hands and feet. We made pumpkins, fruit drinks “a La pineapple”, and that it beautifully looked, we round balls. Within a few hours.

The effects of the plant: seeds, sunflower seeds are a great source of zinc, annoying. Constipation, Diarrhea, change in bowel habits, inflammatory, skin, hair, nails and improves their condition, wound healing, healing bone fractures, skin diseases, infectious diseases, conservative treatment, strengthening the immune system, immunity, the recovery period after injuries and surgeries, prostate enlargement, prostate hypertrophy, parasites in the intestine – worms, roundworms, roupi, the urine – inflammation of the urinary tract, kidneys, kidney stones disease and illness.

The healing properties of pumpkin

Pumpkin contains provitamin a, vitamins B1, B2, B3, E, folic acid (B9), omega-3 fatty acids, minerals-magnesium, potassium, calcium, copper, selenium, iron, zinc and phosphorus. Well absorbed, with regular use regulates the activity of the intestine (peristalsis constipation), binds toxins and helps them leave the body. http://moodatrans.info/freshdepil-for-a-beautiful-and-smooth-body/

Pumpkin seeds contain a high amount of zinc, which is from plant sources, so they are a very valuable addition to the diet and is recommended in case of almost all diseases. Zinc has anti-inflammatory effects, beneficial to the skin, hair and nails, accelerates wound healing and fractures. Sesame is recommended, eczema and other skin problems as prevention and supportive treatment of infectious diseases, for immune support, recovery after injuries and operations.

Proven direct impact of a moderate increase in the prostate gland, improves male fertility and sexuality. Cleans the intestines from parasites

(worms, roundworms, pinworms) are a good addition to the diet for inflammation of the urinary tract and kidney problems and  (cardio-vascular disease.

Prophylactically seeds change the taste (spicy, warm, natural), at least 2 times a week at the plant we use less registration. Effective are fresh and roasted.

Give preference to pumpkin Hokkaido

Japanese type pumpkin Hokkaido has the best taste, and, in principle, is possible without problems to work on a normal lunch. And it’s really a delicacy. Preparation¬† soup is very easy – this pumpkin no need to peel, just cut into cubes, overcook vegetables broth and salt and sweet cream. For we and garlic or the garlic, tomatoes, root vegetables, potatoes, every time we get a slightly different color and taste. Hokkaido can be put out and it is possible to do almost everything, but this, in turn, as for us, when it gave me the seeds, and then “exotic” squashes.

The courgettes have started to grow massively, on all terraces, the harvest was considerable, and have to cook everything from sweet for dumplings. And this is the best way pumpkin uncomfortable. Select option, and a few in Germany, which you like the most, and develop just as much fruit, for all winter.

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