It is worth taking care of your health

It is worth taking care of your health

We believe that none of us refused magical drug to fight against aging, right? I think one of them, and closer than we think. In particular, we are talking about aspirinu. Nećemu that probably each of us has a home, and maybe we never even thought that could be useful against boranja leather and similar phenomena that come with age.


Here are all the masks you can make

Here are all the masks you can makeusing aspirin and also happens to ingredients that are already in their homes. Very simple, and those who tried it, claim it, and quite effectively.Requires three aspirin and three large spoons of lemon juice preparation is as follows: dissolve the aspirin in the lemon juice and stir all together to get jednoličnu mixture.Then wash your face he put the mask (note the eyes), leave to stand for about ten minutes and then remove with plain water.You need five taleta aspirin, one tablespoon of yoghurt and half a large Fit Blog spoon of honey is prepared as follows: zdrobite apsirin and it is good to mix with other ingredients.

The mask was more effective before applying the mask on the face put a clean cloth soaked in warm water to open the pores. Then dry your face and apply the mask (also pay attention to the eyes) and leave on face for about half an hour. Half an hour later, remove the mask with warm water.For this mask will need three aspirin and three large tablespoons of warm

water, and the preparation is as follows: in the water dissolve the aspirin until you get a more stable mixture, and then apply the mask on clean skin and leave on face for 10 minutes. Then just rinse with plain water and voilà.Wrinkles occur is because we have a layer of skin istanjuje with age, loses its elasticity. Only one deceniji women lose and 10% of the elasticity of the skin. Fortunately, nature gives us many plants, where the bar is little that we can slow down the aging process.

We present you najdelotvornije natural

We present you najdelotvornije naturalmask against wrinkles.The first mask consists of turmeric and surutke. Just pomešajte kašiku surutke with a bit of turmeric powder, apply the mask on face and leave to dry on the face 10 minutes and then rinse with cool water. This mask will remove freckles and prevent the formation of wrinkles.For the other mask make a paste of the lenses and apply to the skin of the face and neck, let dry and rinse. This mask will help you to naturally uplift the face. American Psychological Association

The third mask consists of pavlake for cooking and lemon juice, you are going to mix, apply on face and keep for 10-15 minutes. This mask should be used month you saw the first results and the most suitable for dry skin:

  • Olive oil in any case we could not avoid, and that with the lemon juice makes our fourth mask. This mixture massage your face to better delovala of wrinkles. And at the end we left a mask of apples. Apple skuvajte in water, let cool, and then izgnječite. Add one kašičicu of milk powder and one kašičicu honey. Mask put on face and leave to act for about 15 minutes and then rinse.
  • This mask you use on a daily basis, and wrinkles will be much less primetne.Remove wrinkles naturally can be achieved in several ways, but don’t expect a quick miracle. When you’re ready to try the best natural cures anti wrinkle, you can improve the appearance of their skin, but gradually.
  • Wrinkles can be caused and exaggerated by UV radiation, so try every day to use adequate protection, be it summer or winter to prevent any damage that the sun can cause your skin. When you pobrinule, try some brilliant opportunities to fight wrinkles naturally.

Facial massage

Facial massageProper blood circulation can improve the appearance of your skin, and you don’t have to go to acupuncture, only a little pressure you can apply them with your fingers. Use two fingers, index and middle, and massage the area Medlineplus between the eyebrows, sljepoočnice and viličnu bone to increase blood circulation and fight against wrinkles.

Face mask from papaya and milk:

  • Use this combination as an all-natural way to combat wrinkles. Remove the seeds and slice papaju before putting in the blender and add the milk. A combination of alpha hydroxyl acids from milk and antioxidants from the papaya, you will see the results quickly, including hard skin and less wrinkles primjetne.
  • One of the best natural remedies for wrinkles coconut oil. You may decide that you drink this oil, gradually increasing the number, or it can be used directly on the skin to NIH aid in tissue repair and return including the skin. That is a natural antioxidant and can help remove wrinkles naturally and even acne.

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